Pick Three Words for 2012

Let’s be honest, resolutions don’t have the best reputation. If you’re looking for a fresh start this year, one great way is to rethink the way you create your resolutions. Ever since 2006, bestselling author and speaker, Chris Brogan has been “challenging people to forego the idea of a resolution, and instead, come up with 3 words that will help you define your goals and experiences for the coming year.” Rather than creating a vague or specific goal, these words will start to define your actions. Here are mine:

Since I graduated from college, I’ve worked full time during the day and coached a lacrosse team at night. I leave the house at 7:30am and come home at 8:45pm, eat dinner, rinse, and repeat. That first year was admittedly a messy one. I would constantly fall behind on groceries and laundry. Year two was better, but I was still disorganized, not packing enough food for the day or accidentally bringing two left sneakers to practice.

Even though I’ve improved since then, the first word of this year’s resolution is “organize.” Now, I do laundry and grocery shop every Sunday, pack my week’s worth of workout outfits prior to the start of the week, and I don’t watch TV during the workweek. I’ve also said goodbye to canned foods in favor of fresh produce, thankfully.

Someone recently asked me if I still write for fun since I write for work. I consider the work I do fun, but I understood what they meant. There’s a difference between writing a brochure under a tight timeline and writing a whimsical blog about the glory of bowties. I recently read that one writer wakes up every morning and writes for 30 minutes before she starts her day. Not only has she noticed an improvement in her writing, but she also is able to overcome day-to-day obstacles with a clear mind.

This third word was an obvious choice for me. Without motivation, there would be no organization or creation. And I mean it in the simplest sense, like finding the motivation to make my bed, write when I’m at a loss for words, and keep pushing when I’m tired.

This type of resolution can also apply to your business. What do you hope to accomplish this year? Set up a brainstorming meeting (add food for creative inspiration), and determine the three words that will serve as your resolution for 2012. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can focus on four and incorporate them into the four quarters of your marketing plan.

If you’re looking for added inspiration, here are the words shared by a few of my SMCO colleagues:

Sue: Family, Friendships, Finances
Jen: Boldness, Hope, Peace
Angi: Determination, Learn, Focus
Marta: Listen, Commit, Renew


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